im in pain. I need help!

I swim for my high school swim team. ummm practices are really hard. I practice 5 days a week for 3 hours each day. After a few weeks of practice when I left I started to notice that my shoulder was throbbing with a HORRIBLE sharp pain. it put me into tears and I dont cry about pain much. so then a few days later it stopped hurting a bit but after practice last night, my shoulder hurts again but even worse now. like when I move it back or to the side, or just at all it just shoots pain all the way down my arm and my arm like goes numb. it kills. do any of you maybe know what could be wrong? and what I can do for it? I tried telling my mom but she doesnt do anything when I tell her I dont feel good or im in pain. so anything I can do besides that?

Answer #1

It sounds like it could be a slipped disk. You really need to see a doctor, because that is definitely not normal muscular pain.

Answer #2

A heating pad and some IBprofen.

You should see a doctor as something could be seriously wrong.

xox Sika

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