im in pain what to do pls help?

I’m from the Dentist now to take out my useless wisdom tooth,what can I do right now to calm down the unbearable pain that I’m feeling now as I’m writting this question to you for special help.

Answer #1

Ooo they hurt like a b*tch! Bite on a wet tea towel. Thats what I did. xD

Answer #2

I know the pain he is in- trust me it kills. My mum has her wisdom tooth out and said it hurt more than having a baby.

Did the dentist give you an aftercare sheet? If not then sadly the pain can persist up to 4 days.

Answer #3

u shudnt b in much pain if you got the tooth out,did you just get it out 2day?if so you shud just have a little pain,if its still bad 2morro you cud have dry socket,(were air gets in to the socket were the toothe was)ull have to go back 2 the dentist,and dont smoke 4 24 hrs as this is 1 of the causes

Answer #4

-You need to take some paracetamols,

  • Put on scarf around you mouth- it prevents air from getting in and helps with the pain -Hold a hot water bottle against the area, make sure it has cooled down or it will burn you -Try to do something to keep your mind of it eg. help out on here, watch TV, read a book, play a game.
Answer #5

They didnt give you painkillers? I took my regularly ever 6 hours, my teeth didnt really hurt at all (most of it is because I had the most amazing surgeon in the world).

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