Help me please.I need to to if im still pregnant are not?

Well I thought I was pregnant but just now I’ve started to have lil drops of blood… And I want to oe if anybody can helps me…??? Also can I get pregnant if ma man smoked a cigarret bout three weeks ago???

Answer #1

probably but it would be best to see a doctor just to make sure everythings ok

Answer #2

It’s alright because my aunt got her period all the time when she was preganant

Answer #3

yes you can get pregnant regardless of the drug or who was the one doing it. spotting can happen while pregnant. you should go to a clinic asap and if you are go to planned parenthood to figure out the best solution for the child and yourselves

Answer #4

its normal to spot when your pregnant… and as for your man smoking, its ok its you that cant smoke…

Answer #5

its called spotting. its normal all through pregnancy. if it gets like REALLY heavy like more than a normal period then I’d see a doctor. but other than that its alg.

Answer #6

Why this question is in the gaming category? Are you role playing pregnancy? WTH? Please move it to appropriate section.

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