Is this an ok weight for a 15 yr old

Im 15 years old, female, 5”5ish and I weigh 130.2 pounds exact lol is this fat ?/

Answer #1

I weigh more than you by 13 pound and im younger than you and every one says I look good…(doubt it) but you just need to lose like 5 pounds and you would b perfect but unless you have a lot of mucle because remember mucle weighs more than fat.

Answer #2

haha I know but im normal and I dont want even the thinnest layer of fat I want I firm toned stomach lol

Answer #3

You WILL lose weight my doing all thosse things You probly alredy did its just that you dont notice like I did lots of excercises and got skinnier & I didnt notice anything at all lol

but anyway I think your probly normal weight and not even close to fat

Answer #4

lol yeah I exercise a lot and eat healthy I loose the odd pound here and there but I just seem to not gain or lose weight dramatically

Answer #5

if she gets rid of a few pounds she will be skinny. not all men prefer sticks… I say, keep your weight as it is!

Answer #6

yay thankyou lol

Answer #7

Probally. age doesnt matter it’s all about your height. Im 14 and 4 foot 9. and i weigh 103 pounds with muscle. im trying to go down to 90 pounds so i can be skinny and have 0% body fat.

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