How did 15 years old girl can lose weight with out diet?

Like in these days I am getting fat and I cannot stop eating food and I am 15 years old and I want to become a thin girl with out diet can you help me?

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Answer #2

To tell you the truth I heard if you f#ck you woul dlose weight .. or just try to eat less food.. like just eat half of eveything

Answer #3

I want to become a thin girl with out diet can you help me?

…no… and you’ll get NO results with such unrealistic standards.

Answer #4

She’s 15, I don’t think telling her to ‘f#ck’ is the best thing, yeah it works but it’s illegal, although if you are already having s*x then yes you could do that.

But just try to control yourself not to eat as much, try to do at least half an hour of exercise a day if you have the time.

Answer #5

I would just do at least half an hour of exersize a day like walk to school or run around the block

Answer #6

Horrible idea telling a growing girl to diet when she’s already too hungry. It could stunt her.

Exercise and fill up on healthier foods, especially whole grain foods, produce and other foods with more of what you need (probably NOT ‘diet’ foods)

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