How do I use magic to lose weight if it is possible?

I’m am curious to the fact of can I lose weight by casting a spell or enchantment. My family has ties to witchcraft so I’m wondering should I procede with this? But a better question would be ,does such a spell exist and if it does, does it work or is it too dangerous?

Answer #1

My family is very wiccan as well but even do id just stick to eating healthy and exercise =]

Answer #2

if your really serious about reshaping your body, try insanity

That would involve actual EXERCISE… he wants to use magic…

Answer #3

I would ask the people in your family tied to witchcraft for help. There is no magic I know of to make you loss weight, but you can ask for help. You can ask for the will power to fallow a diet plane or the strength to to work out a little more then you normally would.

Good Luck and Blessed Be.

Answer #4

no, majic spells dont work there are no spells that will make you loose weight or find love, ect if you actually need to loose weight eat healthy and exerscise reguarly weight doesnt just drop off you for doing nothing if you want to loose fat, you need to work for it

Answer #5

friend actually tried it, 2 of my friends actually. Seemed to of worked for them. Be sure your doing it on a waning moon and another thing, if you don’t have any foundation in magick, don’t screw around with it. Learn about it first.

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a little work and effort never hurt anyone

if your really serious about reshaping your body, try insanity

Answer #6

since there is no such thing as magic, I would suggest you hit the gym, and start eating salad.

Answer #7

burn more calories than you consume…

do that.

Answer #8

bad idea. magic and weight control don’t mix well.

Answer #9

Instead of finding a spell to lose weight, maybe find one for motivation. That way you can change you’re lifestyle. Magic is not meant to be an automatic wheelchair where it does everything for you, more like a crutch or a cane; something to assist.

Magic comes from within. All it is is energy. Google it sometime ;)

Answer #10

izzy wizzy lets get busy… abracadabra.

your cured…!

just eat nice and healthy mate and go do some exercise :)

Answer #11

the only way hun is to eat sensibly, and excersice no potion or pills, or magic will make you lose weight. Maybe hypnotism, could calm the cravings. paul mckenna eat what you want and lose weight is excellent…

Answer #12

snort ñ___ñ

I’ve heard some pretty unrealistic and desperate plans for losing weight… but this is the first time ‘’magic’’ was mentioned.

Answer #13

I SUGGEST that instead of practicing magic to lose weight, why not just practice your self control.

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