Magic In Islam

Islam tells us about staying away from black magic,which is a taboo.But if there is bad magic-is there good magic?Is that forbidden,too?Or does God not want humans to practice magic because we are incapable of handling it?And we may just use it for bad,even if it was meant for good?

Answer #1

well..from what I’ve learned, there is an existance of magic, but it is forbidden to use it. Jinns use it though, usually to confuse or manipulate us.

Answer #2

:) magic is totally prohibited in Islam.

God can do whatever magic does, so why refer to magic if you have God to pray to. toadaly, please make sure of what you are saying because Islam is against magic in all cases.

Answer #3

There is no magic, black or white, so Islam is simply confused about the matter.

Answer #4

Inform yourself toadaly…

Answer #5

That’s YOUR opinion that magic doesn’t exist. Islam believes it and prohibits it.

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