Isn't using magic against God in the Christian religion?

these people are talking about casting spells…isnt that like aginst god? im jw

Answer #1

I keep seeing the same thing everywhere. ‘Magick is the work of the DEVIL!!!’

Newsflash: A lot of your traditions come from old Pagan traditions (aka: witches.). Don’t believe me? Look it up.

For example: there is no set date for the birth of ‘Christ’, so to make Pagans happier about being forced into another religion, they set a date around the holiday celebrating the winter soltice (aka: Yule.) and gave the substitue of ‘Christmas’. They took all of the same practices of the holiday and mashed them in with the new holiday. That’s right kids, putting up a Christmas tree, hanging a wreath on the door, etc. came from early Pagan traditions.

You’re thinking twice now, aren’t you?

But, to be honest, magick is a complex thing. Any self-respecting witch wouldn’t work evil. There’s a rule that everyone follows. It goes a little something like this:

“Bide the Witche’s Law ye must, In perfect love and perfect trust. Eight words the Witche’s Rede fufill: An’ it harm none, do what ye will.

What ye send forth comes back to thee, So ever mind the law of three. Follow this with mind and heart, Merry ye meet, and Merry ye part.”

Sure, there are those who worship Satan and misuse magick; but get your facts straight, loves. To be honest, witches/Pagans/Wiccans don’t worship the devil, in fact most don’t even acknowledge a figure like the Christian Satan. Nor do they revere any similar figure.

Personally, religion is a faceted jewel in my eyes. It’s beautiful, precious to each of us, and there are many sides to the same thing. In the end, I believe we’re all worshiping the same thing, just looking at it from a different perspective.

One last thing before I move on: A perspective of a true Witch and a fact.

A witch believes that he or she has the power to change the world around them, right? We all do. We can go out and do something that can change our lives. A witch may need a little help though, I mean, come on! We’re only human! So, A witch will ask for a little divine intervention through a spell.

Everyone prays right, no matter who it’s to; a spell is the same thing as a prayer. Every one of us prays… A spell is just a witch’s way of doing it. Not so different now, is it?

Hope that cleared a few things up for everyone! I hope you’ll keep this in mind before bashing a religion you know nothing about.

Blessed be!

Answer #2

Letsgiveitago… That made absolutely zero sense…

Nice one with trying to make a point, but you fail.

David Blaine and people who pull rabbits out of hats are ILLUSIONISTS, not magicians. Magicians claim to do magic, illusionists do not, they just do illusions. Now ‘magicians’ are usually just illusionists pretending it’s magic, and aren’t doing actual magic, but illusions.

The types of people who do ACTUAL magic are sorcerers, wizards, witches, warlocks, etc. Typically, said peoples draw there magic powers from a source referred to as mana, an impersonal force/quality of people, animals, plants, inanimate objects – basically everything around us, similar to the concept of ‘The Force’ in Star Wars. Such peoples as listed above have the ability to channel this mana and use it to cast a wide variety of spells.

Magic is not used solely to ‘cast spells on people’. Mana is in no way related to Satan. Magic CAN be used for evil, but is usually only used for evil by evil people doing evil things, the same as guns CAN be used for evil by evil people doing evil things (OR simply just stupid people doing stupid things).

Hope that clears everything up.

Answer #3

Solution: The Bible was written in Greek and Hebrew. Stop using the word Magic. It isn’t precise enough. Illusionists are entertainers not evil. There is little differance between Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, and Superman. All three are orphans that discover they posess amazing powers. This makes them entertainment as well, not evil. The bible says soothsayers and their ilk are not to be used. Wiccas, white witches, are primarily naturalists, While I do not approve of some of their devotionals, they are an established religeon. Satanic, Black Witches do exist. One happens to be a close presonal friend and I pray for her daily. Their actions ARE EVIL. They cast real spells. News Flash, I can cast real spells too. They work. In the mainstream. it is called prayer. People who drive with me have no idea how I always find the perfect parking space. I cheat, I ask God to find it for me. Never fails.

Answer #4

* “People who drive with me have no idea how I always find the perfect parking space. I cheat, I ask God to find it for me. Never fails.”

I guess God is so busy answering your parking space prayers, that he forgets to answer the prayers of cyclone and earthquake victims.

Answer #5

To all those who believe magic - good or evil - exists: Why is there not a single reliably documented (eg, double blind) case? James Randi has had a standing offer for many years now: He will give a million dollars to anyone that reliably exhibits paranormal powers. If there are people who can truly exercise magic, why have none of them ever taken him up on it?

Answer #6

Christianity and islam have similar beliefs. In islam we believe that the use of black magic is possible but it is a major sin. I think it’s the same in Christianity. Because the bottom line is that black magic is caused by the devil. I know I sound a bit potty but the Bible and Quran mention it.

Answer #7

Casting spells ! - you better run the other way as fast as you can - that is not ‘of God’ - the answers are in the Bible…I wish you the best !!

Answer #8

So, if I pull a rabbit out of my hat, I’m in league with the devil?? Some interesting answers so far…did we go back in time or something? Maybe we should burn him and run him out of the village too…

Answer #9

the bible says it is. I dont know the exact quote. its a very confusing subject.

this was completely unhelpful

Answer #10

There is such a thing as black magic and there is the simple kidding fun magic. Take your pick.

Answer #11

The Bible condemns sorcery (aka casting spells), but plenty of liberal Christians do not consider the Bible to be authoritative, but rather, they view it as they would modern religious writings.

Answer #12

Wizards and sorcerers derive their magick from mana, a source of power which is in no way related to God or the devil.

Answer #13

In order to do real magic you either have the powers of God or the King of Wickedry (devil). It creates an illusion of having powers. It’s trickery. Only the devil is full of trickery. Therefore it is not good.

Answer #14

Yes and what confuses people is that there is a thing called white magic, which in all honesty is good magic,, but in the end it isnt its all a lie from the devil

Answer #15

Newsflash: magic doesn’t exist.

I can’t turn water into wine, neither can you nor Jesus. That would be magic.

Answer #16

* “Oh yeah and you can always pray for something to happen!!!”

True. …and it’s just as effective as magic.

Answer #17

While you’re thinking about this, consider: Why does the bible forbid something (practicing magic) that it also claims doesn’t exist?

Answer #18

FYI, Randi’s offer applies to miracle and all other forms of paranormal claims as well.

Answer #19

justabloke. pullin a rabbit out of your hat is a trick. not magic. theres a pretty big difference. and yes doing magic IS against God. it says in the bible

Answer #20

God condemns those who pratice magic, false prophets and those who claim to be psychic in the Bible. Are you asking about performing magic like Criss Angel? If so, then I don’t think that falls under the same category, because he’s not trying to sway people to follow him as a religious leader by using magic tricks. I wouldn’t confuse “tricks” with using magic as a manipulation of people to do your bidding.

Answer #21

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat which you put there isn’t real magic. I mean where you have some intervention where it actually does happen without you planting the trick itself. Simple hat tricks aren’t what I refer to as being in the same league with the devil. I think you missed the whole point ,”justabloke”. Casting spells are not God’s work ,”bubblicious97”. Play with that and see what happens. You can’t run once you invite that stuff in. It’s an “innocent” invitation from the devil to do other things that involve him. Get it? What has happened with those that play the Ouija board? Seek more information.

Answer #22

lemme see…

using magic is against god because:

I am the lord you’re god you shall have no other gods besides me.

so, if you are obeying that commandment you can’t ‘place spells on people’ or what not, because by doing so you’re calling out satan’s control in being your god in order to allow you to be able to do that.

nice one with the sarcastic reply, ‘if I pull a rabbit out of a hat am I in the same league as the devil’… its an illusion, its not real magic. are you summoning satan in order to pull the rabbit from the hat? no…

and its also bad if you were worshipping david blaine and summoning his magical powers too

Answer #23

Wicca is not against the Bible purely for the fact that is not even Christian. In fact, Wicca came before Christianity

No, actually it’s not. Wiccan at the max is only a few centires, if even that. But it’s roots are. Magick goes back before recorded history. Cave men use to carve skulls to ward off evil spirits. Instead of the word witch it was originally sourcer. There are many other things that have been changed & mistranslated over the years. I wouldn’t trust the bible.

The bible was made in the 1700’s, the books that the information burned. & here’s some food for thought, the dead sea scrolls were documents band from the origonal bible.The bible has been edited & re edited, for years.

Answer #24

believe it or not, no it’s not Saint even used magick. King Solomon used seals, 12 to aquire everything needed in life. It was rumored that demons gave him such seals.

Chaldeans, Babylonians, Scythsians, & Arabs practice a divination called Belomancy. Belomancy(in short) is basically making up prophets using arrows. Three arrows are marked with symbols, then put into a quiver & mixed. Then one would be drawn & interpreted. In the bible Belomancy was practiced by Nebuchadrezzar (Ezek.XXI 21) "When he stood in the parting of the use divination: he made his arrows bright."

Don’t believe me look it up.

Answer #25

Wicca is not against the Bible purely for the fact that is not even Christian. In fact, Wicca came before Christianity, So stick that in your juice box and suck it–

Just kidding people. I’m not that mean.

On a more literal note, spells are simply a form of prayer. Everyone prays differently, right? Muslims different then Jews, Catholics different the Jehovah’s Witnesses. So does that mean that everyone is going against God?

Just because we call it a “spell” doesn’t mean that it’s evil.

Spells are, in my opinion, just a more powerful form of prayer itself, since it invokes and manifests more ways then simple prayer does.

And I’m going to not ramble and leave it at that. Any more questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask. XD

Answer #26

You know in your heart that this is…against God… so, hold onto that. Yes, def. God teaches to avoid this completely. Why?? because there is real power out there, but, it is evil, God has real power too, and it is good. We live in a world that is divided between good and evil… we have to choose which we are going to serve. God wants us to receive his power to do good, and not be led by anything else. The powers of darkness are behind the power that does not come from God, and they have one thing in mind, to steal, kill and destroy… while God on the other hand, wants to help us be all we can be in him. He is very concerned about our soul and where we will spend eternity when we die, the powers of darkness desire to control us completely, for selfish reasons, God has unselfish motives… Choose wisely, your future and eternal destiny are at stake.

God Bless you>…

Answer #27

no thatz not aginst god not in my book xxxhunixxx

Answer #28

well it is! but spells and witch craft is just a type of theme thing! so its ok if you like spells or movies like that though like 4 example harry potter, or twitchs! those have whitch craft in them! you can still believe in god 100% and still like casting spells things!! so its ok if you like both!!:)

                              :)    ~xoxo~    :)
                                      :) Bubblicous97 :)
Answer #29

Oh yeah and you can always pray for something to happen!!!

Answer #30

no not if you dont believe in god then its perfectly fine

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