If I had a website, how would I get advertisers?

if I owened ia website like this one how can I get companys to advertise on it ??

Answer #1

Well, with 2 million visitors a month…a lot of companies would find you ;) That’s how many visitors we have this month.

However, if you mean how to get advertisers in general, then you start by searching for people that sell stuff, retailers, etc, that match what your site has on it. Or look at the demographics of your site, and find media companies that want to reach that audience.

What we do (because we’re lazy, and more interested in building stuff people want than finding ways to make a buck off you) is Google Adsense, anybody can sign up, and Google has ~half a million advertisers or some crazy number…of course, they take a percentage, but it makes it very simple to have targeted ads on your site.

Answer #2

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