How would I get into acting on television or commercials?

SO .. ohkay , I have the greatest potential to sing, act & dance. I have been looking all over the place for acting in my area , but I just cant find none. I really want to become an actress bad.. I can be a model , fine no problem but I cant figure out how to become an actress :( I`m like so desperate to do this. I want to act so bad. I have such a great sense of humour & I would love to be on a reality show.

Answer #1

do school plays look up some famasos persons name on google there # and call them and get them to go to your school play!!!

Answer #2

you have to start out small, school plays, singing at a church or something. my friends been on many many movies. and you can go to an acting agency and they’ll tell you when ANY possible jobs come up. good luck :]

Answer #3

how do I do that ? where do I go for that ?

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