What would you do: Pay off debt or get a new car?

Ok so we all know its tax season. Im getting 5 grand back total for federal and state. So I will have a total of 7 grand within a couple of weeks from my refund and saved money. I just had a baby and im debating weather or not I should purchase a new car(I have one alreadY) not really reliable… many miles… or pay off my debt(to make my credit better) What would you recommend?

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See I thought the same thing… but how am I going to get around if my car dies? So im thinking of putting some money down on a car…and putting money towards my bills as well… :) I think that sounds the best!

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I would pay off the debt while I save for a car. Don’t go deeper in debt. It is a bad situation. I know.

Answer #4

I would put money towards them both if your car is really bad.

Answer #5

Debt! Then save up for car!

Answer #6

thanks for all your help :) appreciated!

Answer #7

Lol that, too, is logical. I wish you the best

Answer #8

Pay off the debt if you’ve got a child.

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