How would you create an advertising campaign to target the Amish?

I just had a thought…as they aren’t using technology…would you spray paint a cart or do something else?

Answer #1

Flyers brochures, and that car idea snds good

Answer #2

Do they still use the postal system? You could send them letters, leaflets etc. But what would you want to advertise to them? Lol I can’t think of anything. They make everything they need themselves, don’t use technology and cut themselves off from the government, celeb life etc. I can’t imagine what you could advertise that would actually interest them.. aha

Answer #3

How about these:

Billboard signs Sky-writer Buggy-bumper stickers

Answer #4

Sky writer! Brilliant!

I think when I get rich I’m going to rent a plane to fly a message over the Amish villages and towns just for kicks :) Tell them “I’m God and I command you to buy American cars…” :)

Answer #5

That’s great… too funny…

Answer #6

Billboards in or near their communities, I would think. :) Maybe something that looks like it’s hand-written and hand-painted would appeal to them more than the usual billboards we see in cities and along highways.

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