What are good food ideas for a Harry Potter themed party?

I am suppposed to be having a kind of Harry Potter party in a couple of weeks when the new film comes out, but i can’t find any easy ideas. I need them to be relevant to the film cheapish and easy to make.

Answer #1

I found a website, with the Top 10 Harry Potter Recipes..


Answer #2

Jelly Belly makes every flavor jelly beans. Dry-ice in the punch it a classic(but don’t eat the dry-ice). Popcorn quidditch balls.

Answer #3

butter beer… first add some butterscotch icecream on a blender with milk and blend it into a milkshake…then pour it into a glass, add some coke or pepsi…(u can add some more icecream at the end)

you can also make some turkey and stuff cuz harry and all while having the feast on the first night, have turkey, pumpkin pie and stuff…

Answer #4

No no no, don’t add Coke or Pepsi!! It’s butter BEER; add root beer {:^)

Answer #5

haha..yeah add root beer..but i dont like the taste of root beer..lol dats y i prefer coke or pepsi..:)

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