Who else thinks Ice-Cream sounds good right about now?

I really want some ice cream so im asking other people if they are in the mood for some ice cream too.

Answer #1

Ice Cream is sooo yummy esp. in the cold!!

Answer #2

I want frozen yogurt!

Answer #3

hell yes. my mom has been making me eat bananas for a desert instead and it is really getting annoying. of course if I asked for ice cream she might put bananas on it.

Answer #4

I dont really like ice cream. but I guess it would be okay right now.. if it was Oreo, haha. cause my piercings are swollen, and hurt!! lol.

Answer #5

hell no! WAY too cold for that now.

Answer #6

YES! Cookies and Creme or Strawberry-Banana! mmm :)

Answer #7

I would! I havent had ice cream in a really long time.:)

Answer #8

me I sure would like some oreo ice cream w.m&ms and some chocolate herseys syrup yum…

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