Italian Food- Any good ones?

I really enjoy Italian food, like all of the pasta’s and sauces. Is there someone out there who is Italian that can give me a name of a New Italian food I could try here soon. I have tried and researched some on Google but I never know if they are actually good.. I trust you guys though.. Any thoughts besides the usual Fettucini and Spaghetti American Version of Italian food.. =] Thanks Guys.

Answer #1

I like Pino Chicken Feta with cabernet zuchinni medalions… its boneless chicken breasts marinated in Pino Grigio wine overnight and stuffed with feta cheese, and grilled. topped with an lemon caper sauce served with sauteed zuchinni cooked in an cabernet wine and a side of garlic mashed potatoes

Answer #2

Sorry Guys.. I dont know why they put this under the “Love” category.. thats not what I sent it under but oh well .

Answer #3

it says the catagory is food & dining and my fav is pizza

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