I want to become a famous singer.!

I really have a good voice all my friends and family tell me. but I dont know how to become famous!! I really want that spot so bad because I love to sing its my passion.so how do I get noticed?

Answer #1

I don’t know what town you live in, but in mine the local coffe shop has it. Usually smaller, less known coffee shops have them. Try googling mic-nights in your town. Some may not even be in your local coffee shop, but maybe in a local diner or something along that line.


Answer #2

I have personally worked in the manchester music industry, and in summary, what I can tell you is the following: Find out what is going on in the local music scene. Go to places where you can team up with other musicians Make a demo CD. Try to get the local press interested in you.(Invite the paps!) And tell the record companies where your next gig is when you send your demo to them, so that the A+R people can attend. Try a gimmick when you send it as well, just something to make you stand out from the crowd. Get a friend who is studying music production to help with your demo.

Or if you want to promote yourself without the help of record companies, get your songs patented and promote them yourself. This is, of course the more difficult way, but at least you will get to keep all your earnings. And get a myspace page to keep fans informed about your gigs. Hope this helps. x

Answer #3

Haha, no problem :) Don’t forget, never give up on your dream.


Answer #4

well okay I’ll tryy.! thanks megan for your advice. I really appreciate you for helping me.! and if I become famous.I’ll thank you.on t.v.! (:

Answer #5

start small. Maybe do some searching for some small time recording studios

my brother started a band and released one album (they only stopped cause they decided to go different ways) but they found people to help them make the album and record it.

Also, start writing songs ;)

Answer #6

Well, then do the local mic-night at a coffee shop. Sometimes talent scouts go to look for new talent. If you get discovered, they’ll help you get a record deal.


Answer #7

thanks for you help .but like what coffee shop? all I knoe if startbucks(: and they dont have kareoke night<- or open mic night.

Answer #8

Well, Start writing songs. Learn to play an instrument. That would come in handy, if you get noticed by a company. Sing at local coffee shops when they have an open mike night. Ask your parents for help on going to a record label. Never give up your dream and your going to get somewhere one day :)


Answer #9

I will never give up(: thanks for your advice megan(:

Answer #10

well I do write songs. I love to write songs.! I already wrote like 14 songs. in my song book…and im just following my dream!

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