How can I become a singer, my friends say I'm good?

Okay so my friends say I’m good at singing. And I have videos of me singing on YouTube but I really want to become more popular and one day maybe famous. What can I do?

Answer #1

x factor? or maybe try and perform at local events and hopefully you will get some fans then start doing small gigs in the local areas x

Answer #2

you should start sending demos to record companies and/or producers. don’t hold back if you want something go for it all or nothing. if you don’t your left with what if? which sucks

Answer #3

most people get recognized by other recoders. im cool with this guy who sing, models, and writes. I have his number, but the only thing is, is that he sings gospel. I could give you his number? hisname is donny j

Answer #4

Youtube! :D

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