Want to be a famous actress when I grow up

I’m a sixteen year old and I want to be a famous actress when I grow up. I know it seems like a wild, out there sort of goal, but really, it’s what I want. I just need advice on how to get started on my way to stardom. You see all these teens becoming famous, I wouldn’t mind working for disney, it has only been my dream for ages. But I really have no clue how to start. My family doesn’t have enough money to get an agent or anything of the sort, and I don’t live in any place like la, I don’t even live close to there. I want it more than anything, a jump start to a future career and what not, but please, just some advice on what to do. Please and thank you =]

Answer #1

Im the same age and want to be the same thing, its not a real matter of talent (though its needed) its the fact that millions of other people will be wanting the same thing the same job,you just have to be lucky or beat them to it.

Answer #2

well maybe you should look for any oppurtunity that you see to become a star. last night I saw superstar you should see it. I think that it will help you becasue the girl that is in it goes through the same thing.

Answer #3

You and I are stuck in the same boat. I have no idea, agents can get expensive, but your parent or parents can be your agent! my older cousin, back in the 80’s was an actress and her mother was her first agent (:

Answer #4

No, if I become famous. Everything I do will be captured, EVERYTHING.

Answer #5

kk well I’ve thought this through many times, because I’ve kinda wanted to do the same thing, what you have to do is start off kinda slow, you have to keep calling different places, and looking on the internet for auditions and stuff, since you arent in LA or anything your not gona be able to get like a 1 big movie role, so start calling and looking for commercial auditions around your area, also id reccomend getting a part time job, so that you can pay for transportation, if your family cant afford it, after you start getting noticed in commercials and such you will eventually get scouted if you are talented enough, if not my only other suggestion would to do what most great actors did like jim carrey, when you get old enough move to los angeles , california, then start from scratch there, cause youll have a lot better chance ofbecoming famous there. but thats all I can think of, so hope it helps :]

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