I want to give up smoking

Whats the best way to stop smoking??

Other than using nicotine patches etc.

Answer #1

“How to “quit” smoking?”

You can’t “quit smoking”. You CAN “become a non-smoker”.

There is a big difference in the way your mind and body reacts to the two attempts. In “quitting smoking” your mind and body tell each other that you are trying to deprive it of something it likes and needs, therefore it works hard at preventing you from succeeding.

In “becoming a non-smoker” you successfully attain your goal while not giving your mind and body a chance to perceive that they are being deprived.

Along with the above attitude change, you can help achieve your goal by having on hand some hard candy. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke simply place a piece of candy in your mouth.

Don’t try to refrain from smoking “forever”. Simply refrain for the next couple of hours.

I, personally, know that the above works. I smoked for 30 years and was up to two packs a day. I successfully became a non-smoker 22 years ago. It wasn’t always easy and I still have nightmares that I’ve started smoking again and “blown” my smoke-free record but then I wake up and am thankful it was only a dream.

The candy I used was “Gobstopper” Jaw Breakers. The lasted about 10 minutes each and effectively replaced the craving for a cigarette.

You, too, can become a non-smoker, even if you’re surrounded by people who smoke. It is your choice. When offered a cigarette you don’t say “no thanks, I’m trying to quit” but instead state “no thanks, I don’t smoke”.

Good Luck!

Answer #2

You should rinse your mouth with cinnammon mout wash twice a day… Listerine strips and DUMDUM Lollipops help when you have the urge to have a cigarette… You should stay away from areas where the smell of smoke is strong… It takes a few tries but within a month or two you won’t have the urge to have a cigarette…

Answer #3

Most of us were able to figure it out but bamboozer is just nitpicking.

It should have been knitting and etc.

Answer #4

You could replace smoking with… Crackers Gum Candy (exp) suckers, mints, gummy worms, gummy bears Sunflower seeds Crossword puzzles Sewing Nitting Walking Ect, Ect My boyfriends dad quit cold turkey after smoking for 40 years. Just replace smoking with something you like to do :) Good Luck

Answer #5

From personal experience, the best way to beat an addictive habit is NOT cold turkey, but instead, to slowly wean off your addiction the same way you built it up in the first place.

How often do you smoke? Once an hour? Then time yourself and force yourself to wait an extra 15 minutes. Do this for about a week and then increase the time again by another 15 minutes, etc., until you’re at a large enough interval that you can just quit altogether.

…and I agree with the first poster that you need to try to replace that habit with something you enjoy doing that you simply can’t do while smoking.

Answer #6

just chew on gum or straws and hold something in your hand intill you get used to it

Answer #7

OHHH Knitting I am sorry. Umm to say the least spelling was NOT my best subject but thank you :)

Answer #8

Nitting, like nitting a blanket ect, more things like the ones I suggested

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