I still feel like I mess up big time

I fail my Freshman year. of high school. I just feel like that was the biggest mistake of my life. this was the first time I fail . it just the point I fail. now what am I? a failure at life?. what happen if I keep failing over and over. I dont know. maybe it was my friends. cause I got sent to a place call taps. it for students who miss to many day of school. I made ton of friends there. and I alway end up doing something stupid. ever since I got drop. I been sitting in the house. mostly out of trouble. I already made plans. to try to get a job. to try to pass school next year. and if I want to return to my normal high school. I gotta pass tap ( seem so hard). I just need a way to stay out of trouble or something. do ya think I mess up big time?

Answer #1

Nothing is a mistake if you learn from it. Now that you know what not to do in school, you’ll do better. You’re not a failure in life, you made some bad choices. It’s not the end of the world. You just gotta get back on track. Try thinking about the consequences of your actions before you act. Study hard and stop making friends with people you meet in detention! And, like you said, try to stay out of trouble by getting a summer job. Don’t just think to yourself that you’re gonna TRY to pass school next year, pass school next year. You can do it.

Answer #2

it maight be a mistake , but you are certainly not a failure , try harder next year you will pass

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