Vagina smells like poop?

One day I was sitting on a counter (naked) waiting for my shower water to get hot, when I was jumping down I accedintly hit my vagina on the edge of it. I didnt think much of it so I just forgot about it but the next day my vagina started to smelll like poop/rotteneggs/and fart I went to the docter about and they did a swab test but nothing showed up and my vag is also sweaty a lot of discharge smelly and itchy I tried many deoderants but nothing really seemed to help and after I eat junk food it smells even worse I dont know whats wrong with me! Please please help me

Answer #1

Well youguys dont feel alone im37 and I cant get rid of the fish poop smell unless I douche everday ifeel so bad and talk abt fish and I go off I wont even buy my kids tuna.

Answer #2

hahahahaahahahahahahahaha. I just cant stop laughing about this one.

I dont think hitting your vagina on the counter made it smell. by the way, I dont think I would reccomend sitting on a counter naked anytime soon,

maybe your vagina doesnt like you? lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao!!

Answer #3

Learn from your mistakes. =)

And I will learn from yours too. lol

Have you had sex with anyone resently??

Answer #4

so you hit your vagina and then it started to smell?

Answer #5

hit it agian lol jk jk get the docter to check again

Answer #6

haha sftbllfrk13 LOL your funny lmao…


Answer #7

I would suggest returning to the doctor’s. Possibly you have a bacterial infection. Your doctor should be your first source of info.

Answer #8

I have been having the same problem for like the last 4 years. Everytime I go to the Doctor there is nothing there. I have been checked for everything and I dont have any abnormal test. To solve the problem I douche with water or where a panty liner and change it like 5 times when I smell the poop smell. I started getting this problem when I was having sex with someone who was uncircumcise five year ago and went to the Doctor then but this does not seem that it will never going to go away.

MAy be we have an undiscovered STD. I dont know, I am personally sick of it. When I douche in the morning with the plain water I dont smell it the entire day but I have to do that everyday. I know that it is not good to douche everyday but it is better then people smelling me and I smell like POOP.

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