Discharge that smells like poop / fart?

okok so I have this smell like it smells like fart/poop and I have a LOT of discharge and im also "sweaty" down there I have very good hygiene I take 2 showers everyday and I know that its not a yeast infection oh and the dischatge has a smell too... and also I have poor eating habits (junk food) what do you think it is?? and what can I do to fix it?

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I think you may have a bact vaganoisis...it makes you smell nothin serious tho...goodluck uve been having this problem for along time...oh on second thought..there was this one time on tyra there was this lady and she had this problem where she smelled like nasty fish and it wasnt that she was nasty it was something she cudnt control and she wud take multiple baths and wudnt go anywhere maybe this is what you have go see a doc and see what they say good luck..

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first off, 2 showers a day isnt really nessessary, 1 is enough
as for your vagina
it would be best to see a dcotor or gynacologyst about this, desribe it and theyll be able to take a look and tell you whats wrong, as no one here is a doctor
every vagina has a smell, discharge shouldnt smell though
if its green or yellowy in colour and smells fishy, you may have an infection or an sti, so its best to a any of the two people above I mentioned
junk food as well as alcohol,drugs and some medication
can all make you smell worse down there
things that will make you smell nicer down there are sweet fruits like melons

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do you use the tanning bed a lot? if so there has been cases where women would use it twice a day and eventually they would have an odor they couldnt wash off. the tanning bedwas cooking them from the inside out which caused the odor.

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It sounds like you have a bacterial infection. You'll need to go to the doctor and get antibiotics to clear it up.

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