Why does my vagina smell like a stong lobster smell?

It just started this week and maybe just starting on birth control has something to do with it? Is it anything serious?

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You probably don't wash "down there" enough like you should. When you take showers, make sure you get that area clean and smelling nearly as fresh as a new grown flower.

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cause you're my type of gal :)

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FIshy smell could be from fungus - besides that, yes, you should wash "down there", but scrubbing with soap and all won't do you any good as it destroys the natural bacteria and so on.

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oral contraceptives can definately change the way you smell. There have been a lot of rather strange studies conducted that show women have different odours over their menstrual cycles (apparently, it smells best when we are most fertile, around ovulation) and oral contraceptives are designed to mimic the hormonal state of pregnancy. With the above advice about washing, dont wash your actual vagina, its not good for you, but you can wast your external genitals. If that doesnt change the smell, and there are no signs of fungal infection, its probably just your altered hormone levels

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opps, meant to say wash, not wast...

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u need to take a bath probly also hear some things u eat can effect the smell and taste

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