What caused my vagina to have green discharge and smell rotton?

monistat didnt work, the smell is more intense now green stuff is coming out. its smells like fish and poop. im freaked out and 20 years old. what could it be and what should I do? please any advice will help

Answer #1

Definitely see a doctor.

Answer #2

Monostat is for yeast infections…and obviously, that’s not what you have. You need to go to the Dr. so they can culture it, and get you the exact type of medicine you need…

Cranberry juice is only good for uninary infections…this needs a Dr.


Answer #3

please go to the doctor you might have an s.t.d or a yeast infection. if you dont have a doctor go to a public clinic. Also stop wearing thongs and lace underwear it will make the infection worst. You can also drink cranberry juice it good for infection. But please please please go to a doctor something is very wrong.

Answer #4

ur rotten.

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