Does your vagina smell like pee!!!

Does your vagina smell and taste like pee??? Some people say its a fishy smell or a sweet smell if you eat fruit but I think mine just smells like pee!!! No joke!!!

Haha lolz this is kinda funny!

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Then try spending a couple of minutes wiping it more thoroughly when you urinate and when you shower soak it with a wet cloth.

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im not asking what urs smells like personally just people in general because I think mine just smells like pee!!

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well it would make sence,
seeings how you pee outa yer vagg.
as long as it doesnt smell like sh*t


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Try cleansing wipes. "Always" makes them

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OMG..seriously.. I believe she is talking about the "inner walls" of the vagina. And I'm assuming she has not had this issue from I'm just thinking she may have the whipin' herself perfected. She noticed a "difference".

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Its not really something to laugh about.
What ours smell/taste like is our personal business. ;)
...but since you put it out in the open what yours smells like, it shouldn't smell like urine if you properly whip it.

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no. I only notice a nasty smell after masturbating. and I've never had mine smell like pee. even if its "not wiped right" LOL. on that one. (:

personal expirienceee

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well it smells like pee because you ate fish .
when you eat fish you smell like fish..
uhh duh
believe me I know...

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