I need help loosing weight fast !

I am a fat lard! Well at least I think so I want to loose weight.I am 13 going on 14 years old! Some dude likes me but we havent seen eachother yet I want to see him maby at the movies but I want to look hot! So how could I loose weight fast! I weigh freeken 120 pounds and im 5 foot 5. Help!!!

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You are so not fat
THat is skinny

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umm your not fat am fat so dont do anithin
btu if you think your fat then go run or join
aa sports teamm!


Loosing weight...please help! Like I really need this.

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running is the best thing you can do just suck your stomach in and flex it at the same time and youll be in shape in no time!!!

also doing lunges and sit up can help too

Desperatly trying to loose weight! Help!!!
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Erm...are you serious...you weigh about 8 stone something and at 5ft 5 thats healthy. If you try to lose any weight you might become underweight... so just don't...I can't stand how clearly skinny people always say they're fat -_-

Can someone help me lose weight fast?

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120 and 5 5 isnt fat! but just: 1)only eat when your hungry. 2)when your not hungry anymore, stop! 3)chew each bite slowly. like at least 20 times. 4)after a bite, put down your utensils. do these and trust me.

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1) get yourself a fruit and vegetable juicer and learn to use it. You'll get higher quality nutrition, improve your health, energy and attitude, live longer and happier ... and you'll lose weight.
2) IF you can, fast during the weekend. You can get some Welche's Grape Juice and only drink that for a day or two. When that gets easy, switch to distilled or filtered water. You'll lose weight.
Also STOP eating foods sweetened with corn syrup, as it has a chemical that MAKES you hungry, regardless of how much you eat. Eat good foods; eat the natural foods. I started doing "juce fasts" back in the 1970s, and I've lost as much as 30 lbs in a month, doing fasts. Oh, another thing you can do is to do a good intestional cleanse. This might sound gross, but everybody needs help here, as mucus builds up in the intestine, and meat and other things get "glued" to the walls of your intestines. Here's the gross part. They say John Wayne had 40 pounds of waste product glued to the inside of his intestines, when he died. You've got your own weight in there, as well. It's putting toxins into your body, it's stopping nutrition from be absorbed into your body, and you're probably infested with worms and parasites (almost every American is). I recommend "Arise and Shine Herbal Colon Cleanse" for at least 1 week; and more is better. You WILL lose weight, toxins, wastes, and probably some things you'll never want to know about.

loosing weight im 14 I weigh 158 ineed help

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And AB Circle Prp

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