How long will it take the Republican majority to push for an Impeachment of Obama?

Assuming of course they win the elections in November…how long, do you think, before they impeach him? There is still the strong “birther” movement, etc…which claims he was never legitimate in the first place. Any bets? I say it’s in the first two months…anything the parties can do to take the focus OFF of the pillaging of our collective futures.

Answer #1

Do they even need to? The Tea Party is gonna destroy the Democratics in November. And these people have made it very clear they’re not willing to cross party lines with our president or the current Democratic party.

Answer #2

Democrats. Democratics is not a word. Neither does it describe a group. And I have no idea what your answer has to do with the question…

Answer #3

Will they try to impeach him, probably, they have lost their minds. However, with the crazy nuts in the tea party winning all the republican nominations, I have to wonder if this is going to be a clean sweep like everyone assumed. The democrats are probably loving it. They’re running against a bunch of crazy people who have no clue what they’re talking about. I think it’s put the democrats back in the race.

Answer #4

It was a typo, breathe.

Answer #5

All I’m saying is, the Tea Party is basically the Republican party on steroids. It’s predicted that they’ll take the house and maybe even the senate. I get the feeling that after midterms, it’s going to be much harder for Obama or the Democrats to get anything through Congress. So basically, they don’t even need to try and impeach him, everyone seems to be giving up on him anyway. I apologize for being off topic.

Answer #6

I doubt they ever will. If they bring it up, someone will mention that massive bailouts, so-called “stimulus” spending, and all the loss of jobs and freedoms and all the other abuses of big government is partly to blame by Republicans that thought they could pre-empt the Democrats by outspending and over regulating the same as them. What we really need, regardless of party, are people who can think of ways to lessen government intrusion into our lives and get it off our backs.

Answer #7

you have got that right

Answer #8

Last time a Democrat was in office and the Republicans controlled congress they spent $millions of tax dollars (more than twice what was spent investigating the Enron and Worldcom bankruptcies) investigating a decade old investment deal President Clinton was involved in. Finding nothing they finally impeached him for lying in a politically motivated lawsuit funded by his enemies.

I expect if Republicans get control again they will go on a similar fishing expedition investigating everything President Obama has been involved in since and before he came into office sparing no expense (especially since taxpayers will be paying) to find anything they can use to embarrass President Obama.

Answer #9

I give it till March or April. They will start by claiming to want to work with the white house. And then when they send him some completely unacceptable bills he will have to veto, they will begin the impeachment mantra. Not sure if they will have the balls to make it over his citizenship though. Most mainstream politicians have steered clear of those morons….

Answer #10

It is hard to say what the showdown will be like. Remember in 1995 when the Republicans shut down the government.

In 1995 D1ck Armey demanded President Clinton approve the Republican budget and threatened that if he didn’t that they would shut down the Federal government and ruin him politically.

Refusing to make a deal President Clinton replied that he didn’t care if his approval rating went down to 5% he wouldn’t let their budget become law so the Republicans shut down the federal government.

In the end Newt Gingrich shot the Republicans in the foot saying the reason they shut the government down because because President Clinton rudely forced to sit him and Bob Dole to sit in the back of Air Force One. This made the Republicans seem petty and vindictive and public opinion turned against the Republicans.

I expect similar showdowns if the Republicans get a majority but the question remains if they will make President Obama look bad or themselves.

Answer #11

When he was the House majority leader, Gerald Ford defined an impeachable offense as “whatever the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.” While I can’t imagine what the Republicans could possibly consider an impeachable offense by Obama, I do agree they could attempt to do so for political reasons. It carries an enormous potential to backfire, though, especially if it fails. Two unsuccessful impeachments of two consecutive Democratic presidents by a Republican dominated Congress would not be good for the party’s image. It’s a calculated risk, and I don’t think the payoff would be worth it.

Answer #12

I meant to say House minority leader, by the way…:/

Answer #13

I didn’t know that about President Clinton (I was only 4 at the time); hopefully Obama has that same resolve. And honestly, I thought the Tea Party was just going to make people think the Republicans had gone nuts, especially with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin at the forefront. I feel like the opposite may be happening. On the front page of my paper today was “GOP Aims to Shred Obama Agenda.” It’s things like that which make me think that they don’t want to do what’s best for our country, they just want to make Obama look bad and knock him down. Hopefully, as you said, their efforts have the opposite effect.

Answer #14

There are extreme elements in both parties. Extreme conservatives are called wingnuts while extreme liberals are called moonbats.

The Repubican party has to decide if they are small tent or big tent. If they remain the party of Southern and heartland white males than they will be on the loosing end of changing demographics as the US becomes more diverse and inclusive. If they broaden their appeal than they will anger the wingnuts and possibly drive them to the libertarian or constitution parties.

The Democratic party has been walking a similar line trying to satisfy progressives while attracting moderate voters. Likewise by broadening their appeal they risk driving progressives to the green party.

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