I think my cousin is gonna get hurt I don't know how to help her

I think my cousin is gonna have sex shes 14 and she just met this guy shes already given him a bj and hj and hes fingered her he told me he wants to take her virginity and later today I learned that this would be the 4th time he has taken a girls virginity I told my cousin hes gonna end up hurting her and she should just stay his friend but she told me she cant say no to him because he smells good now they are dating my cousin is is gonna get hurt I don’t know how to help her I dont want her ending up preg how do I help her? btw this is her 9th boyfriend this year and everytime she gets a new one she does something new with them and sex is the only thing left for her to do

Answer #1

just keep trying to talk her out of it. thats WAY to young to be having sex. but if all else fails I say tell her mom. she might be mad that you did but thats better then having her get pregnant at 14.

hope this helps!

Answer #2

thanks it did but her mom wouldnt care

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