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What can you do to help get over somebody?

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Don't tell me time, because its been almost 2 and a half years and I still can't get this person out of my head. We dated for about a year, when she suddenly left me for someone else. A little over a year after that I tried to be with her again, but she immediately did the same thing. And ever since I can not for the life of me get past it. I still want this person, even though I know I am not what they want. I don't really hurt over it anymore but it has greatly affected my relationships since. They figure out that I either consciously or subconsciously wish they were someone else, I can't make myself more attracted to anyone than slightly, even my sex life is feeling it. After the first break, I did have sex, but it was never really that enjoyable. Then the small time I spent with that person again my libido shot back through the roof, but after that ended I can't even "get it up" for anyone. My body just won't respond to them. I am not delusional, or obsessed with this person. A relationship with this person will not happen again. I don't have money to throw at someone so a therapist isn't really an option, besides, I know all my issues. Just want some ideas on how you would make yourself not want someone/move on/just plain get the hell over it. Also, remember that this profile does not reflect my age or gender, I made it specifically for my last question.