My doctors says im not pregnant but he doesn't know what it is!

I went to the doctocs and he says im not pregnant but he doesn’t know what it is Ok so I had sex with this guy who was a virgin and I know he was a virgin because he’s been my friend for a while. So it’ been like over a month now and my uterus never stopped hurting, I don’t know how to explain it, but it just hurts so much, and then I feel realy sick in the mornings and at random other times in the day, and then I get these HUGE headaches. I don’t knwo what to do, I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday again, But please help, it neevr stops hurting and sometimes it gets so badd please help mee <3

Answer #1

well, I would get a preg test, other than a doctor I mean they might not be able to tell…

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