What? I think I broke my hymen but I dont know how to tell? Help?

A few years ago ( I was like 11 or 12 ) (im 15 now) I was getting on a horse and the back of the saddle hit me down there and it really hurt. about an hour or 2 later when I went to the bathroom I saw a little bit of blood streaks in my underwear.. And it hurt a bit to pee? But it only lasted for like a day and went away.. Does that mean that I broke my hymen and will it hurt less when I get fingered or decide to have sex later on??

Answer #1

no but does it mean that im still gonna bleed when I decide to have sex or was that blood from it breaking?

Answer #2

I don’t think it will hurt if you decide to have sex,I hope you know you are still a virgin although your hymen is broken,getting back to the point,I really do not think it will hurt because it’s five years later now.

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