I fell far waway from god

latley I have been doing some perrverted stuff DONT GET ME WRONG I HAVE NOT BEEN HAVING SEX I’ve been doing stuff like looking at bad vidoes on the interenet and looking at dirty jokes and stories anyway…I feel so cold and lonely and helpless ever since I started doing that I feel far away from god. at school all the kids talk about perverted stuff and that messes me up how can I get all this nasty stuff out of my mind. I dont like being far away from god

Answer #1

Regardless of whether god is real or not what you are doing is perfectly natural. There really isn’t anything wrong with sexual experimentation. There is no way you can completely escape the sex talk from other kids but if it offends you ask them to cool it when you’re around. Thinking about sex is normal it happens to everyone and if someone says anything different they’re lying. Its natural and there’s no way around it. The hormones in your brain are just like everyone else’s. We all think about sex and occasionally look for some stimulation in various ways and its all fine. You’re no further from god than anyone else. People are horny. There’s no way around it. God made us that way.

Answer #2

Don’t feel guilty for looking at pornography. All teenagers want to do it. It is natural, and has nothing to do with god. But phrannie is right if it is starting to control what you do. Like if you are constantly feeling the need to do it all the time.

Try talking to a school counselor. Maybe they could add some different perspective for you.

Answer #3

If there is a god, it created you to be a sex crazed teen. If it created you that way, don’t you think it did so on purpose?

Religion is a mind control cult that has nothing to do with any gods that might exist.

Answer #4

The feeling you describe…the emptyness…the guilt…makes me wonder if this has gone another step…like addiction? The words you use are the very same I’ve heard from addicts and alcoholics…the VERY same words…


Answer #5

go to chruch ask for forgiveness stop watching the vidoes! you dont have to stop hanging out with those people but if they really are your friends you can ask them not to talk about that stuff when your not around and they will stop

Answer #6

What you feel is guilt cause you have had that sin crap shoved into your head. Watching videos and stuff like that doesn’t take you from God. Cause God isn’t real. Look you have control of your life not God. Do what you want. As long as it doesn’t interfere with anothers rights do what you want. If God would cast me from him for watching videos and thinking natural thoughts than forget him.

Answer #7

hey its just natural

Answer #8

word brother, or sister I don’t know. Well the only way to get it out, is to stop putting it in. For one, don’t watch the videos, easy right? Second don’t hang out with those people anymore. This is obviously harder, but one thing the Bible says is, if your right hand is sinning, cut it off. So in other words, don’t let yourself do the things that make you sin, distance yourself from them, and don’t even think about them. Find a hobby, place some musac, computer games I don’t know. It takes time but eventually you’ll stop thinking about it. Don’t give up, we all go through times like this. Just ask for forgiveness and put a fresh sheet of paper down.

Answer #9

well maybe you should go to church, and beg for forgiveness, thats really all I can think of

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