How can I get close to God again?

I love God and want to know him more and want him and his son jesus christ to be in my life more but I’ve been so confused like masturbating, seeking fortune tellers, and trying to be a imagine being a violent person. I feel I am stuck at this point of my life when all I want is his love and for him to help me and show me the way please how can I get close to God and have that gut feeling of joy in my stomach again?

Answer #1

God is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE!!! you can only feel that if you repent your sins and be born again as in change your ways live the bad.thats the only way to pave your way to heaven.

Answer #2

Denying your body food isn’t going to make anything but your hunger stronger.

Answer #3

Hi Andrew, thank you for a beautiful post, and you honesty and sincerity is precious. I pray that you find what you are seeking, the bible says to knock, and the door will be opened, seek and ye shall find, just keep pursueing God, desiring to be filled with his spirit, and you will receive. Are you in a church that believes in the laying on of hands? If not, you might seek one out, many times the spirit is imparted in greater measure when this is done, if you have a pastor, tell them what your desire is, and I would suggest getting into the word, on a daily basis, fasting too, is a big help, if you have not done it before, you might want to do a study on it, to see how and when it has been used, by others, and then ask God what he would have you do, how often, and what to give up, as you deny the flesh, the spirit gets stronger.

Father, I pray for this young man, asking that you draw near by your spirit, and that he be infilled with your precious Holy Spirit, set him apart as holy unto you, in Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

Answer #4

Wow, I am a Christian too. That is a really hard question. Have you tried praying to him. And asking him to help you. Because he (might) be the only one who can help in this situation. I will pray and ask him to help you figure out what to do. I hope I helped. If not sorry.

             golden kiss
Answer #5

ok go to and email pastor keller. copy what your question from here and paste into the email. they will help you and they will email you back within the day.

Answer #6

please, read your bible and learn from the truth church of jesus.I will help you in prayer and god will take control of your life if you want him to come into your heart as you post it here.he will come into your heart. look god wilkl touch you no matter how things are going on in your life so far as you have made a decision to serve him he will come into your life now.will you like to be my friend

Answer #7

Psh, those are things christian people encounter everyday, you now the key to getting closer to god is to talk to him, pray, just always have him with you, I personally think of god as my best friend. He knows things about me noone in this world knows, he’s helped me through some of my most difficult hardships, and when I mess up he’s always there to pick me up, when I stray from god I feel so ashamed you know from all the stuff I’ve done, but he helps me, start reading the bible. it’s really powerfull and the bible is god’s message to us, I think we should all read it well you know I think if you truly love god, and your devoted to him everything will work out.

Answer #8

Okay, Don’t want to start anything up here so ill keep my personal opinions to myself, but in my opinion to be honest praying to god or ‘talking’ to god will not get you answers to those questions. You can follow guidelines of the bible etc. but decisions and questions come down to you having to make the choices. On the masurbaing side of things, that is completely normal and not dirty in any way, and in males it is also healthy and neccesary. You should never feel dirty or ashamed when masturbating. The only way to have a feeling of joy is to try your hardest to be happy and to feel happy. C

Answer #9

You make me smile at your question. Do you pray for forgiveness, Jehovah forgives man for he knows that we are imperfect, he holds no grudges. Do you repent from your sins? Jehovah knows what’s in your heart, when you pray say his name, and never doubt your prayers, also pray for help… as for the masturbating part, when you get the urge quickly do something like clean or watch T.V do something that will get our mind off of it, I usually say a prayer and do something active like exercise, it really helps me.

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