How far did you go with a guy?

How far did you go with a guy when you were 13- 14? just kiss/make out ? fingering, bj, hj? or sex?

Answer #1

When I was 14 I gave my first hand job even though I didn’t want to an I had sex for my first time this year with a man I love even though he’s now my ex but we still do it lol

Answer #2

Lol sheenastar , are you trying to scare the kid from making out or something?

Answer #3

I was 18 and used condom got pregent off the bat. Comdumes can breck. Other 3 kids were born even tho. I was on the pill and the depo shot. I would stay away from making out .

Answer #4

I wasnt doing any of that back then. kids these days are growing up wayy to fast! kissing is fine and kinda making out is ok too but making out usually leads to other things! I would say be careful. DOnt push things to far! you have your whole life ahead of you to do all that stuff! I didnt get my first kiss til I was 16. make out I was in 10th grade and I didnt make out with anyone else til 12th. everything else I was 18 and with my boyfriend. as for bj that I was 19 for. really dont push it though!!!

Answer #5

At 14 I had sex fir the first time

Answer #6

My first kiss was in the 2nd grade

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