I dont know why some people make fun of me in my job

I dont know why some people make fun of me in my job they tell me that im too cute to be a guy that I have a nice butt that I should wear a skirt better and lot of nonsense like that all these guys are so old that most of them could be my father even my grandfather I dont know why this happen to me.

Answer #1

maybe their stupid.maybe their jealous. maybe your freaking hot so dont worry about it. they prob miss their youth or something lol. pay them no mind.

Answer #2

maybe you haven’t like hit puberty yet, like your voice hasn’t developed and you have fully matured or cause you r in the middle of purberty. they are just being mean. dont mind them. that’s really mean, I’m srry about that. how old are u? was it like co-workers, like one person said it and they all joined in? maybe you really are cute and they’re like queers, lol, I dont know. say that to them if they say it again. wut are they ginna do? hit you? lol, if they threaten to, say that if they think you r a girl, they can’t, or something like that lol. good luck!=D

message me if you need more help.

Answer #3

Maybe it’s their welcomingmessage;)

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