Why people gossip about coworkers in the job.

Why people gossip about coworkers in the job I have done a few jobs and I dont trust in people that works with me in any job I work very hard I dont talk about anybody in the job I just want to do my thing and thats it I have never gossip about any coworker I dont know why this people do that and watch me how many times I go to the bathroom I dont know but me I dont care how many times my coworkers goes to the bathroom or whatever they do, I dont know why people do that they have no life they are not going to get promoted or more paid for that. What do think about this any answer is welcome thank you.

Answer #1

You’re smart to just go, do your work…and keep conversation on a superficial level…This scenerio works 98% of the time, for keeping out of office BS…now and then it is possible to run into a co-worker who you “just know” will a friend in the future, long after both of you have left that employment.

Hard core gossipers usually don’t last long at their jobs…


Answer #2

They are bored and have nothing better to do. I have found that the people with no life outside of work, or horrible lives outside of work, seem to be the ones that do most of the chatting about others. Some people just love to make other people miserable. It is just the facts anywhere you will ever work. It does suck, I just try to ignore it, and get through my day. Sooner or later they will get talked about, and won’t like it, sometimes that cures them for awhile. That is all I have on the problem.

Answer #3

because they want to feel better about themselves

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