Who knows if getting a job at burger king will make my face break out ?

I heard it does because of the oil and stuff. But im not gonna eat it, i just wanna work there because its close to my house so i dont have to waste gas.

Answer #1

I doubt it. Aslong as you keep your face moisturized & clean, and not get oil on it, youll be fine :)

Answer #2

The grease from the fryers does tend to get on your skin and cause the pores to get blocked…however, if you wash your face at night and wipe it down with a cotton ball soaked in peroxide, your skin will stay clean and blemish-free…as a chef, I know ;)

Answer #3

If you dont touch your face then you wont get oil on it. Oil just doesnt float around in the air and get on your face. You can keep blotting pads i think olay makes them that soak up the oil off of your face for times when you do accidently touch it.

Answer #4

Believe it or not, the grease does get right up into the air :/

Answer #5

yeah i gotta agree with colleen.. never herd of the chip shop lady with boils resembling pluto, mars, uranus and jupiter?

Answer #6

yes the grease does become airborne near the fryers and when fries are being dropped after cooking in a fast paced environment. but it will mainly coat your arms and such, not as much gets on your face, yet fast food joints are greasy in so many ways, you should be fine just keep your hands off your face.

Answer #7

eating the food, now that is another thing all together..

Answer #8

Can the peroxide dry out your face if you have sensitive skin? I’ve never tried peroxide, but my skin always messes up with everything.. :(

Answer #9

moisturize after…I have the same problem :)

Answer #10

I worked at McD’s. As long as you clean your face after each shift you will be fine. You will come home smelling greasy anyway so taking a shower then will most likely be at the top of you to do list. I just used good old soap. Peroxide will dry your skin.

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