Anyone know high paying jobs?

I need to know what jobs make the most money. And try to choose my job to go to school for so if you can please tell me… How much? What job ? And if I know how many years of schooling. Thank you!

Answer #1

Aw hell, just slang drugs kid.

Answer #2

An anesthesiologist makes between 175,000 (US dollars) and 350,000 (US dollars) but the downfall is that it takes between 10 and 12 years of schooling after high school.. Jobs arent all about the money.. find a job that you are passionate for and something you will be excited to do everyday. Hope I helped =]

Answer #3

well hedge founding makes a tonnn, but you have to be good or you will go nowhoere. my dad is a hedgefounder.

Answer #4

work security.

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