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I dont feel as important as my siblings

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I feel that my mom favors my older brother and sister more than me. Im the youngest and it just feels that whatever they ask for my mom gives it to them no questions asked. If I need anything I always get yelled at before it happens.. its been this way since I can remember. I've been living my life too scared to ask my mom for help or anything at all. Im moving out of my dorm today and my mom isnt even coming for me.. she wants me to get a ride with my boyfriend which is totally okay... but now that im packed I realized that all of my things wont fit in his car...So I asked her if she could come for me instead and all I got from ger was screaming.. "make it fit.. you know what to do..what do you want me to do about it...I dont have time for this right now" when my sister moved out of her dorm my mom was take her stuff and bring it alway being compared to my sister and I hate it. im not her im me and I just want to to be loved for being me. do you think im over reacting or is she favoring them more than me?

any advice will help.