What do you do when you feel like your parents don't like you?

the past few days, and weeks at that matter me and my dad have been having a bunch of fights…I feel like I have no one to run to. in my house I feel like I cant tell anyone how I feel or have a opinion on anything, I dont know what to do, my best friends all live further away from me and its hard :( help me…please

Answer #1

Your parents love you. I remember a time when I felt the same way, so I talked to them about it (I even cried) and it was so liberating, because I was finally free from wasting any more energy on it. So talk to them, be honest and open and be free from it all. Remember everyone has those fights with their folks, but love always conquers all -everytime. I pray everything works out, Good Luck.

Answer #2

well just talk to them tell them how you feel and tell them that you dont feel very good the way they have been treating you

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