I cant sleep

Lately at night I am extremly exhausted but I can never fall asleep because I cant get comfortable. I toss and turn for about a half and hour until I fall asleep. I have to sleep with a pillow underneath my stomache. Everytime I lay down I get a pain in my back. Does anybody know why this happens to me at night.

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I might be preggo when you were pregnant did you have this problem

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I have the same problem so what I do is have a really good stretch. I mean a really really good stretch and then you relax and feel more relaxed to sleep. Give it a try. Mel

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that pain in your back is probably from stress. stress is also (probably) the reason you are having trouble falling asleep. go find out if you are pregnant. if you are, go celebrate, and if you aren't, please go research some birth control. (only if you weren't trying to be prego of course). some things that help me calm my mind down are routine, watching a 20 or 30 minutes of tv (something boring like financial news.. eeelch), and taking valerian root (herbal suppliment only if you are NOT prego though). after I watch tv to get my mind off my own day, I turn off all lights and noise and focus my mind on something monotonous, like counting or humming. and I don't know what comes after that (I'm usually asleep)

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You might need a new bed that's comfortable.

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