Should I stay living at home with my strict parents?

I’m 22 years old, and I just graduated college. I’m planning graduate school in the fall, so I am looking to move to another city in about a month, more or less; I’m not sure yet. However, I have lived with my parents throughout college, and I still do. The whole time they have been very strict with me. Recently, it has gotten worse. The other night my parents wanted me to come home at 12 midnight, so I tried to convince them to let me stay out until 2 am, which is my regular curfew. They wouldn’t budge, so I just stayed until 2 against their will. I know that might be wrong, but it’s the summer, and I had not gone “out” for about a week and a half. Anyway, now my dad took my house keys away, says he hates my boyfriend for not bringing me home and doesn’t want him at my house, and is demanding I pay rent from now on (probably just one month if I move out soon). Oh, and mind you, in my opinion, I think I’m a good “kid” or “daughter.” I haven’t really given my parents any real problems. I graduated on time with a 3.8 gpa. I don’t do drugs. I do drink alcohol sometimes, but I don’t come home drunk. I even help my parents out financially occasionally if they need it. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I do think my parents are exagerating. So I guess my question is: Do I leave now to live with my boyfriend for my last month in this city and forever ruin the relationship with my parents, especially my dad, or do I put up with it for at least another month and let them “control” me? Also, am I even right to be upset? I think I am, but I would like to hear other’s opinions. Thankyou.

Answer #1

omg…… im 18 n im dying…….cuz i have a 11 o’clock curfew…..n i cant stand it……they want to know where im at 24-7…i’ve never had a boy friend cuz they wont let me go out anywhere so whats thee point…….i really want to move out…but i cant get a job….man i need hlep………….

Answer #2

Make your last moments with your parents as pleasant as possible so you can have their blessings before you go find your own life…..

Answer #3

You made a mistake by deliberately going against your parents wishes. Since you live under their roof and under their rules and they put you through college, they can come up with any form of punishment that they wish. If it may seem severe to you, tough cookies–you took the risk when you admittedly stayed out past their wishes. I think you should not move in with your boyfriend and not do anything to ruin the relationship with your parents. It’s because of them that you got this far in life, show a little respect, follow their rules for a few more weeks and then when you move out you will have plenty of time to stay out until the sun comes up.

Answer #4

your over 21. follow your heart.

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