How do you convince your parents to let you stay home

Just so I know for another time, are they any tricks to making your parents really think you are sick so you can stay home from school?

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You could always try teling them all the positive things like, "My friend...and I can't face them tomorrow" or "Theres a bully who said he is gonna get me!"
Always try to miss doing your homework if you want to stay off and then say, "Nooo, I forgot to do my homework, I'm dead!" and then try to cry. Tell them you feel sick. Also try to be caring if they are sick, you can say, "No, you need care, I must stay home with you!"

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Mix baking soda with a lil yellow food ( 1-2 drips) die and water. Then make puking noise and spit it on the floor or drop it. I have done it it really works. Take a wet cloth damp your head make it hot. Blow on the termomiter. It works :)

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whats she said aha, there's other ways you can make the thermometer's temperature get higher, like putting it in warm water. That way you won't have to wait to put it back in you mouth and it will be wet already ...ect :)
and a few fake coughs might do the trick ;)

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when they ask you to take your temperature go to the bathroom and hold it up to the lightblub so it gets just barely over 99. but then make sure the tip cools down before you give it back to them. :) OH! and don't let the lightblub make it go up waaay high, because then they might freak an take you to the hospital. lol. and put a warm rag on your face in case they feel it w/ there hand.

hope I helped. (:

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if you have a fire go put your head near the fire place and your thermometer so it looks like you got a temp. (if it gets too hot run it under some cold water!!) if you dont have a fire put your head near a light bulb and do the same thing I have done it once it really works!!! ; P

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