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How could I make living with strict, protective parents easier?

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Im a 16 year old boy living with strict asian parents. I've heard of pretty bad stories of asian parents being strict and i believe i have it easy but i would still like to know how i could make living with my parents easier other than it being a hassle. I'm not your stereotypical asian boy with good grades and no social life, quite the opposite actually i have decent grades (slacking due to social life) and quite popular but the problem im having with my parents is letting me go out with my friends or inviting them over. My parents are okay once and a while letting me go out with my friends and staying late (midnight maybe a little later) but school has ended and i find myself waking up and doing nothing. I also have a younger brother that i have to babysit while my parents are at work while restricts me from leaving the house and hanging out with my friends. I honestly dont have any freedom, i get invited to lots of things and i always end up being "that guy" who never comes because of my parents. i would just love to invite people over while theyre at work but they always ask my if im inviting guys or girls over and most of the time it is girls because at 16 its kind of weird inviting a bunch of guys over during the day and not leaving your house without booze or something. So when i do invite girls over they instantly have a problem with it, when they are home they are fine with it but not when im alone and i would love to just hang out with my friends during the summer like everyone else. i'm willing to talk to dad (mom doesnt care as long as my dad is okay with it) about it but my dad is pretty stubborn in his ways and even when i want him to explain he doesnt give me a reason and he has really loud voice which kind of scares me. what are somethings i should talk about with him? Any help would be great