how will it go away??

when I was like 9 years old I was molestard and it wont get outa my head it keeps bringing back bad memories but I think its made me a bit of a slut ??but I just want the thought to go away help!!

Answer #1

Do something other than go sleeping around with people cause then thats gonna keep making the bad memory pop in your head. Do something that requires you to think like playing an instrument or dancing. Try Yoga, I hear it works. If you haven’t told anybody about your past and all, maybe talking to someone that will listen might help. ttyl!

Answer #2

I’m sorry to say but it will never be completely gone, it’s going to be with you for the rest of your life. Talking to professionals about what happened might help ease your mind a bit so that could be a good start. What happened isn’t your fault.

Answer #3

Please may you explain more,,

Answer #4

That’s no entirely t what caused you to be a slut. When people sleep around it’s because they don’t feel loved an having sex makes them feel like someone cares for them when in reality that’s doubtful. That is probably what is makeing the flash backs happen tho so don’t bang anyone until you think you love them an then maybe the memories with stop…well stop happening so often…

Answer #5

I’m sure there are other ways to deal with it, but the only way I know how is by talking about it to a professional. Try this site, they have people you can chat with or call

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