How do I get the smell of clorine to go away?

Im a swimmer I play water polo and even though I take my showers after getting out of the pool I still smell like clorine it sucks I have to use a bunch of body spray!!

Answer #1

well you culd try putting lotion on after you get out the shower but I don’t know realy I go swimming all the time and never really have that problem

Answer #2

I love the smell of clorine…its one of my favorite smells next to the earthwormy smell thats in the air after it rains and the hair product filled air at the salon…it reminds me of summer…why would you want to get rid of that smell lol

Answer #3

I dont have the problem at my home pool its mainley the school pool !!

Answer #4

cause it smells wierd and its not lady like!!

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