Speech for my friend's going away party

This weekend I’m having a going away party for my best friend. I am supposed to make a speech about how much I love her and how I appreciate everything she’s done for me and all of her friends. but I dont want to just write that. I want to do it in a creative way. I’m not sure what to write or say. can anyone help me? have any ideas? Jess

Answer #1

Maybe recall a memory of some thing she did or said that really made a difference in your life personally that the others don’t know, she may not even know and share it…Have a great time !!

Answer #2

What I did was go around interviewing friends for a video I put together with everyone telling her why she’s important to them.

Whatever you do, it should be genuine, something to remember you by, being yourself. It’s not personal if you’ve taken a lot of time to think and write something out… then it just turns into something as personal as a card from the store you know?

So video works because it’s just candid, you thinking about why you’re going to miss that person and how they affected you, don’t write anything down before you do it, just say something from the heart, don’t worry about seeming stupid or not saying enough… they’re your friend.

If you don’t have anything to record with, and you absolutely need to speak at this party. Then just go up there with nothing at all, look at her when you say it and just spill out yourself.

Just don’t cry too much. hah

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