How to poop a cat?

I have newborn kitten and itwont poop. I dont know what to do. So can some one please help me?

Answer #1


First of all, where is the Mom Cat? If she is around, leave it to her – Moms know what to do with their babies.

If there is no Mom, you need to stimulate their “area” down there, to make them go. The thing is, when kittens are so young, their Momma Cats stimulate them down there by licking them with their tongue – otherwise they just won’t go and it can lead to tons of infection, and even death (from bladder infection or bowel obstruction).

To make them go, get a washcloth (which is nice and rough like a Mom Cat tongue) or a paper towel. Moisten it with warm water (not too hot, not too cold). Take the towel or cloth with your hand and gently but firmly rub their anus and penis/vagina in firm, circular motions. I would always be sure to do it over a trashcan or toilet. Do this for 30-45 second periods, every couple of hours. The rubbing motion with the rough texture of the towel or cloth will simulate the Mom Cat’s rough tongue licking them, and help them to go.

Also, if the Mom is gone, are you feeding them correctly with the formula from the petstore? Regular milk isn’t adequate for kittens.

Good luck.

Answer #2

Wipe its bottom with a warm cloth. Or give it a tiny tiny, like, tiny, bit of something rich like tuna juice out of a can. When I say tiny, I mean, like dip your finger in the sauce and let it lick it off the tip of your finger. Shake your finger first too so there are no droplets because you should only give it the tiniest bit.

Answer #3

well there moms normaly lick its butt. so when we had ours we wiped it with a warm wash rag. kind of gross but I mean ya gotta do what you gotta do

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