How to loose calf muscle and loose thigh fat/muscle

Please I’m desperate. I read on one question and you gave a helpful answer and I was hoping maybe you can help me…Well, I’m pear shaped. I’m skinny at the top but all my fat is ‘down there’, so it looks really out of proportion. My legs are really weird because I exercise sometimes, but I’ve got a lot of muscle in the calves and they are not fat. My thighs are really just all ‘flabber’ and it drops down to my knees, making it look really ugly and fat. I would really like to know how to get skinny calves and skinny thighs. Loose muscles in the calves and loose fat in the thighs. Can you please give me some advice? THANK YOU!!!

Answer #1

You can also lay on the floor on your side. one arm under your head and the other along your side, one leg half bent for balance and the other raising up and down. Now, while you are raising your leg you are pushing it up and pulling it down…not just throwing it up with the momentum. do three sets of reps until it burns and you no longer can stand it.

next: get on your hands and knees: keep working leg bent and raise it out to the side so it makes a right angle. again pushing and pulling as you work the muscle.

now you can do this one a second way also by keeping the working leg straight and moving in a cirlcular direction…its a little harder but a great workout.

Next: lay on your back, arms and hands flat on the grounds or under your butt: keep legs straight up and crossed, now alternate crossing your legs in a controlled movement slowing lowering them as you criss cross them down to the floor and back up slowing…this is also very great for your abs…the important reminder here is that you keep your inner thighs sqeezed tighly closed as you push and pull them to criss cross them. also squeez those abs! Good luck!! I hope this helped and sorry it took so long:)

Answer #2

For your calves - calf raises Thighs - walking really helps, and using a stepper machine

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