how to loose calf muscle and loose thigh fat/muscle

Well, I’m pear shaped. I’m skinny at the top but all my fat is ‘down there’, so it looks really out of proportion. My legs are really weird because I exercise sometimes, but I’ve got a lot of muscle in the calves and they are not fat. My thighs are really just all ‘flabber’ and it drops down to my knees, making it look really ugly and fat. I would really like to know how to get skinny calves and skinny thighs. Loose muscles in the calves and loose fat in the thighs. All answers are appreciated. Thank you!

Answer #1

No exercise = no muscle No food = no fat (I)

Answer #2

I have done lots of exercise on my cross trainer- and the fat around my stomach is very squishy but then my legs are really muscley- so it’s a lose-lose situation lol, I’m not fat just chubby- im only 8 stone you see- but just not happy with the way I look. it sucks.

Answer #3

im the same, large calves and have never been able to lose them! even when I was an unhealthy size 0. Im healthy now, and yes still big calves which I havent come to terms with.. I am keeping up with the cross trainer 3-4 times a week, stopping high impact jogging, stretching as much as I can and going to start pilates.

Answer #4

I am skinny too, but have a little muscle on my thighs I wud like to loose also. actually the best thing you can do is, yes, walk, not too much though, and not any junk food

Answer #5

Walking is a good exercise to start off with, but then it is good to eventually jog then run but that is months down the track and doing it regularly is the most important thing

Answer #6

Oh and I really don’t want more muscle and bulking in the calves, they are big and muscly enough as it is. Thanks for the answers before!

Answer #7

Be glad you are pear shaped. Less likely to have health problems. People that have fat around their abdomen are more likely to have problems. Guys like legs so dont worry. Make sure you are doind cardio and eating sensibly.


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